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Judy’s Focus... to plan for and provide infrastructure to encourage future growth and higher educational standards. I encourage a government that is transparent. Just as a classroom teacher has goals and objectives I believe government must have strategic goals and objectives which are measureable. A strong educational program beings with good teachers and support personnel. Teachers deserve to be paid for their services.

Vision for Senate Seat 32... Parts of our district 32 are growing and with this growth come the need for thoughtful planning. In district 32 two communities like St. Francesville in West Feliciana Parish and Jena in LaSalle Parish are engaged in developing a vision that encourage economic development. I, as your senator, welcome the chance to share in providing opportunities for community’s input and shared visions via a strong educational system and community involvement in local government.

Infrastructure issues facing our small rural parishes... We have unsafe and substandard roads, and outdated water systems. We lack sufficient broadband internet access, which keeps parish residents from participating fully in the global economy and hampers economic development. I have developed relationships on the state and federal levels. I intend to go after the dollars that will support the infrastructure needs and repairs. I believe elected officials should represent the views of their constituents, not a political party. The power belongs to the people not the party. The people’s needs are the focus.

Economic Development and building a strong business environment, with transparency and fiscal conservatism at every level in the government... We need to create a culture of entrepreneurship that identifies the types of services needed and ensures that new and established businesses have the support essential to thrive and grow. Creating jobs within a solid framework provides economic viability and sustainable growth.

Public Education

Our district 32 is facing several important problems. My platform is built upon the issues facing district 32. Upon the completion of a ten parish survey and listening to the voters in our state, the number one issue for the majority of the population was problems relating to our parish school system due to lack of economic development (money) and problems with the Common Core curriculum. BESE needs to seriously review the use of common core with parents and teachers. Teachers and school personnel have not had a raise in 16 years. Louisiana continuously ranks among the lowest states for education in America. I believe that real change should begin in the classroom, with increased wages for our educators and support personnel. Teachers and support personnel are valuable members of our society, and we as a nation do not properly acknowledge and embrace them for their commitment to our future. Our students are the future of our democracy. They deserve to be given the tools necessary to succeed.

Healthcare and Jobs

Health care should not be a privilege for the rich only. It is a right for all Americans. Every single American should have access to affordable, effective health care coverage. No one should ever have to take out a second mortgage just because a loved one gets sick.