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I will be advocating for much needed infrastructure investment for roads, continued positive revenue growth to fully fund: higher pay for teachers, bus drivers and support staff, programs for early education/ school safety, adult training for career transitions, and fully funding TOPS. Our young people are the ones who will be dealing with important problems like climate changes and flooding. TOPS give our graduating high school seniors a chance to have a strong future right here in Louisiana. I would continue the process of justice reform which has had a good start but needs more progress to assist parolees to re-enter society. Our senior citizens need the support to continue much needed expansion of Medicaid and the additional healthcare jobs it provides. I am driven by a commitment to public service. I have spent most of my adult life as a public school teacher serving students with special needs before I left teaching to organize for health care and public education. When women win, they are more likely to introduce legislation that is about family and they are more collaborative.

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